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We offer only course menus at our establishment, so we kindly ask for reservations made in advance by phone/our official LINE/our official Instagram DM (English OK).










そして、この “プロレス”のリングとなるのは、福岡市中央区にある鮨店「鮨しま」。店主の中島彰則氏は、久留米発祥鮨一族の2世代目ながら実家の鮨店を飛び出し外で修業を積んだ職人歴24年目。得意の“ばやさない”(積極的に映えない。中島氏の造語)鮨で、日本酒とワインを存分に暴れさせる。


会場所在地:「鮨しま」福岡市中央区港2-10-3 (第二土肥ビル1階)(大濠公園北側/かもめ広場西側)



During lunch hours, we offer either
• “Omakase” or
• vegan-friendly “Vegan Lunch Set”.

Please inform us of your preference when making a reservation.
(Only available from Tuesday to Saturday. We do not offer lunch on Mondays.)

For dinner, we provide either
• “Omakase” or
• “Course Menu”.

When compared, the “Omakase” tends to be more moderate in both quality and quantity.
Many customers who prefer a casual dining experience or have a smaller appetite often choose the “Omakase.”
Please indicate your preference when making a reservation.
(Available from Monday to Saturday.)


For reservations or inquiries, please contact us using the information provided in the upper right corner of the screen:

• Call (available Monday to Saturday, noon to 9pm)
• Official LINE message (for those not in a hurry or contacting from overseas)
• Official Instagram DM (for those not in a hurry or contacting from overseas)

When making a reservation, if you have any questions or specific concerns, please feel free to ask the proprietress, referred to as ‘Okami-san’.

*Please note that the contents and prices of dishes may be subject to change without prior notice. We appreciate your understanding.

*Our establishment features a maximum of 7 counter seats only. (If you are open to adding simple table seats, we can accommodate up to 10 seats in the same space. We do not have private rooms.)

*For evening reservations, we kindly request your cooperation in selecting a time slot from 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, etc.

*Cancellations or reductions in the number of guests after 9pm on the previous day will incur a 100% charge.

*In order to provide everyone with an “adult atmosphere,” we kindly ask that visits with small children be refrained from.


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- Fukuoka Urban Expressway Circular Route "Nishikoen Exit" or "Tenjin North Exit"
- Subway Airport Line "Ohori Park Station" Exit 2

Restaurant Name
1F, Doi Bldg. No.2, 2-10-3 Minato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, 810-0075 JAPAN
+81 (0)92 753 6512
Trading Hours
[Lunch] Noon - 2pm (Tue - Sat) [Dinner] 6pm - 10pm (Mon - Sat)
Sundays + Temporary Closed

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    Please be cautious of reservation sites that have listed our establishment without our permission.

    Please be cautious of reservation sites that have listed our establishment without our permission.

    Our restaurant has been listed without our consent on a reservation site called "Auto Reserve."


    We have neither requested nor granted permission for our inclusion on this site, and we have not been approached for such listings. Even if approached, we explicitly decline any such requests.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to contact the site in question, causing us significant inconvenience.

    For reservations at our restaurant, we kindly ask you to continue using the traditional methods such as "phone calls," "official LINE," and "official Instagram."

    All three reservation methods are managed by the proprietress, providing you with a reliable and secure service.

    January 5, 2023

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    Please be cautious of misinformation.

    Please be cautious of misinformation.

    We have received feedback from customers regarding inaccurate information about our establishment on a certain restaurant listing site.

    Please note that this information is not managed by our establishment, and rectifying it is challenging from our end.

    For the latest information about our restaurant:

    • Check the following official channels:
    • Our official website
    • Official LINE
    • Official Instagram

    Alternatively, while it may represent past information about our restaurant, some media outlets have officially covered us, ensuring accuracy at the time of publication:

    • Media outlets that have officially covered us (at the time of information posting):
    • "Sushi Magazine" (Volumes 20 and Special Edition)
    • "Oishinbon" (2021 and 2022 editions)
    • "Oishinbon" Instagram
    • "City Information Fukuoka" (Issues No. 828, 851)
    • Various SNS outlets by Devi Takahashi, including "Devilog"
    • "UMAGA" magazine
    • "FIRST.L" (Volume 8)
    • "Itoshima San Yamada Nishiki Support Project" (Print version and various web media)
    • "RKB Kyushu Asaichi TADAIMA!" (Broadcast on January 23, 2023)
    Your confirmation through these sources will provide reassurance.

    If you have any concerns or questions, no matter how minor, please feel free to contact us.